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During What Periods Are You Covered?

Published 08/13/2012 08:04 AM   |    Updated 12/19/2012 03:14 PM
During What Periods Are You Covered?

SGLI insureds are covered during the following periods:

Full Time Coverage...Active Duty
If you are a full-time member on active duty, you are covered 365 days a year. Your coverage is in effect during the period of active duty or inactive duty training and for 120 days following separation of release from duty.

Full Time Coverage...Reserve/Guard Duty
If you are a Reservist or National Guard member and have been assigned to a unit in which you are scheduled to perform at least 12 periods of inactive duty that is creditable for retirement purposes, full-time coverage is in effect 365 days of the year. You are also covered for 120 days following separation or release from duty.

Part-Time Coverage

Part-time coverage is provided for Reservists or National Guard members who do not qualify for the full-time coverage described above. Part-time coverage generally applies to Reservists/National Guard members who drill only a few days in a year. A common example is members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) who attend one-day call-ups, commonly referred to as "musters".